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IF Full Form

IF Full Form

IF full form is Impact factor, also known as journal impact factor. It is a scientific index that is used to calculate the main number of citations of articles that are published in the past 2 years after a given journal. The impact factor is a journal-level metric and is used as a proxy for the relative importance of the same within that field. Journals that have a higher impact factor value are given priority status and carry more prestige in the respective fields. For example, science advances impact factor is 14.14 while scientific reports impact factor is 4.379. in science advances have a higher impact factor than scientific reports.

Even though originally invented as a tool for helping University librarians decide which journals are to be purchased, it soon became used as a measurement tool to judge academic success. Since it is a journal-level metric instead of being an article or individual metric, its use is considered controversial. Even so, more and more targeted research has started providing concrete evidence on how deeply this factor is embedded within informal as well as formal research assessment processes. Almost 40% of universities do academic research specifically maintaining JIF as part of the review tenure and promotion process. 

The impact factor was created by Eugene Garfield, who was the founder of the Institute of scientific information located in Philadelphia. To be calculated, it was on the roads starting from 1975 for journals and listed in the journal citation reports. In a given year, the two year j i s is the ratio between the number of citations required for publications within the journal that were published in the two preceding years as well as the total number of items published in the journal during those two preceding years.

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