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Why Should you Attempt the HTET Mock Test?

HTET is a state-level entrance exam conducted for the recruitment of primary teachers (PRT), postgraduate teachers (PGT), and trained graduate teachers (TGT) in the government schools of Haryana. Once the candidate qualifies for this test, they get a TET certificate valid for 7 years. Previously the certification was valid for only 5 years.

Every year lakhs of candidates apply for the exam. However, only a few of them can clear the test. Most candidates fail to clear the HTET because of a lack of preparation and time management skills.

It is crucial to prepare thoroughly for the HTET mock test to understand the time management skills necessary for clearing a competitive exam.

Hence, a few tips have been given in this article to help you choose the right kind of preparation strategy and questions. Also, it will tell you the advantages of attempting the 

HTET mock test in the final stage of preparations.

HTET Mock Test Advantages and Tips

  • Find proper books for HTET

It is important to find appropriate books for the examination. Many books and study resources are available in the market, but it is important to scrutinize them and choose the most helpful books for the preparation.

Before buying the books, check the contents in the index. The books that cover all the HTET syllabus topics are the best. Also, read reviews of the various books online and try buying books that explain all the topics lucidly instead of making it complicated. You must buy books with previous years’ practice questions as solving them will increase your confidence.

  • Attempt HTET Practice Questions

You can attempt the HTET mock test online after studying and solving all the chapters and practice questions. Mock tests will give you an estimate of what to expect in the examination. Also, continuously attempting practice questions will prepare you even for the hardest exam paper.

Practicing regularly will give you a stronghold on all the subjects. Taking the HTET mock test will also give you a handle on how to manage time and complete the question paper within the exam’s duration.

  • Helps with HTET syllabus and pattern

Taking mock tests helps you understand the examination pattern. It also gives you an idea of the important topics in the syllabus. Several candidates fail to clear the HTET test. The major reason behind this is not appearing for the mock tests and assessing one’s preparation status.

When you decide to appear for the mock test, you naturally see the complete syllabus and attempt the practice questions. Hence, this helps you to revise the syllabus of each section properly. 

  • Start by preparing your study notes

It is a good idea to begin by preparing your study notes for the HTET examination. This will help you understand each topic properly. The notes will come in handy when you want to revise a topic towards the final stage of your preparation.


Once done with your syllabus, it is pertinent to appear for the HTET mock test. The results give you a clear indication of where you stand as an aspirant. Take a self-evaluation and focus on the areas you are more liable to make mistakes. The mock tests give you a hang of the real exam. So no element of surprise or shock awaits you in the actual exam if you have taken mock tests repeatedly.

Hence, the practice questions of the HTET mock test can prove very beneficial for you in more than one way. Make sure to keep your mind stress-free while giving mock tests for more accurate evaluation.

We hope all these tips and suggestions can be useful for your HTET preparation. Also, keep an eye on the HTET news to check the latest updates, important dates and instructions. Prepare well and walk into the exam hall in confidence. All the best!

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