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How to Write Bibliography for Project

A lot of students search on the internet about ‘How to write bibliography for project’. How to write a bibliography is not a very hard task, yet it is at times difficult to keep collecting the resources that are used during the project. Basically bibliography is a list of all the sources that you might have used in the process of creating your project or assignment. How to write bibliography for project is something all students must know and remember to add it to every project or assignment they do during school or college. The bibliography should include the authors names, the links to pages from where you have taken information, the title of the work, the books that you have referred to during your research for the project. The bibliography must also contain the names and details about the articles or blogs you have referred to. Just as you include the acknowledgment to projects in the start, you must include the bibliography in the end of the project. How to write a bibliography is something students must clearly know while they are about to close up the project work. Make sure you simply do not just mention the internet or just a website’s name, include the link to that exact piece of information or the article you had referred to. While writing your bibliography you mustn’t leave out any sources. You can list the sources any way you like to arrange. You could also make a tabular design while mentioning the sources in the bibliography page. 

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