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How to Become an Economist

An economist is someone who studies the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth in the economy. With the help of this study, they drive the levers of society. However, becoming an economist is not an easy process. Students thinking about how to become an economist must read this article to know about the course requirements. 

The job of an economist is not limited to formulating policies. They are also responsible for researching economic issues, conducting surveys to collect data, studying economic trends, and presenting data and findings before decision makers. After doing all these, they also need to suggest corrective measures to revive the economy. This field offers various job opportunities to young graduates. However, first students need to understand how to become an economist. 

How to become an economist?

The step-to-step guide of becoming an economist is mentioned below:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree

The first step to establishing a career in this field is by attaining a bachelor degree in economics. After completing high school, students need to enroll themselves in colleges offering courses in economics. 

  • Find internship opportunities

After completing or during the bachelor’s degree, students need to find internship opportunities to get practical experience. 

  • Pursue a master’s degree

To get higher education in this field, students must opt for a master’s degree.

  • Gain work experience

Spending a few years solving practical problems is essential to rise high in this field. 

  • Go for a PhD

Dedicated economists who aren’t afraid of academia can go for a PhD in this field.

  • Join professional societies for certification

Earning certification in this field helps economists understand the changes in their field. 

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