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An honours degree has several meanings within the context of educational systems and degrees. However, the most common meaning for it is that it is a variant of the undergraduate bachelor’s degree having a much larger volume of material or a greater standard of study or both in place of an ordinary bachelor’s degree. 

Many colleges and universities offer both non-honours and honours bachelor’s degrees. In most countries where the latter are given, they imply a greater level of achievement than the former. Sometimes it might also involve a greater period of study compared to an ordinary degree. Students who are able to complete all the requirements of a bachelor’s degree but do not have sufficient merit to be awarded an honors degree would be given a general/ ordinary degree. 

If your University has credit points there might also be a requirement for you to get the required number of credit points to be eligible for an honours degree. However, if you have enrolled in an ordinary bachelor’s degree program and happen to have all the requirements of an honours degree, you cannot become an honours student after the courses are completed. A process known as continuous evaluation takes place during such a program, where the student is continuously monitored to see if their credits go below the requirement of honours, and if they do even once, they will not receive it. 

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