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High School Teacher Salary

High School Teacher salary in India ranges from 1.5 to 3L per annum. The salary ranges from the different schools or period timings. Being a High School Teacher or a professor is a respectable job that is appreciated worldwide. Being a High School Teacher is kind of a tough job as they are given the responsibility of teaching and educating students at an age when they are the most rebellious and curious. Being a high school teacher usually requires one to have a bachelor’s degree unlike to be a professor one needs a higher degree of education in the particular subject. Being a High school teacher is tough as they do get not many holidays and have to be consistent in their job. High school teachers play an important role in students’ life because their teaching leads students into choosing different streams further for their college or university education. High School Teacher Salary may range in regards to where they work, private or public high school. High School teachers are also known as secondary school teachers, they provide students in one or more areas of study and sometimes also supervise extracurricular activities. High School Teachers also get on proctoring duty during exams and also assist in college preparation by helping students select their stream or by writing them letters of recommendation.

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