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Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter Parenting is not good for students. Helicopter parents keep a careful eye on their children’s activities and academics to protect them from damage and disappointment, as well as to help them achieve. Helicopter parents are parents who hover over their children and become overly involved in their life. Meanwhile, the phrase helicopter parent has been coined in the media to denote overprotective parents. Most people identify helicopter parenting with overprotective tendencies. This definition, however, can be unduly rigid at times. These parents are extremely organized but to an unhealthy degree. From infancy to college, helicopter parents are too invested in their children’s lives, to the point where their activities and interests take a back seat. As a result, the family budget is centered on the children’s requirements. Helicopter parents, too, tend to over-schedule their children to give them an advantage in everything from school to sports to music. They might even try to limit their child’s social interactions and connections. The purpose of helicopter parenting is to provide every chance for their children. In general, helicopter parents are content with their level of participation in their children’s lives and see no shortcomings in their parenting. They see their actions as a way to ensure their children’s safety while simultaneously supporting them in achieving life success.

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