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Health Educator

A health educator teaches and advises individuals and communities on how to live healthier lifestyles. They help them with nutrition and avoiding unhealthy activities such as smoking and alcohol consumption in excess. The goal of a health educator is to equip people with the tools that they need to allow them to avoid developing life-threatening health problems.

Some of the most common duties of a health educator include:

  • Providing health and wellness education
  • Planning and implementing programs and treatments that are specifically designed to address the needs of the patients
  • Evaluating, designing, presenting, recommending, and disseminating culturally appropriate health information and materials.
  • Performing intakes on new as well as re-enrolling adults in several programs
  • Facilitating classes as per the guidelines
  • Maintaining patient logs of all who are scheduled for procedures.
  • Consulting with staff and physicians in regards to health education services
  • Presenting information effectively to diverse audiences

Health educators’ salaries vary somewhat on the basis of the area of practice. The highest-paid health educators are employed by the state, local hospitals, and private institutions.

To be a health educator, you need to first have a bachelor’s degree in either health promotion or health education. Coursework will include human development and psychology. A foreign language is also recommended because job candidates who are bilingual are more desirable.

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