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Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture is a concept that helps the students in gaining additional knowledge. Universities and colleges make sure to arrange a guest lecture for students in order to enhance their knowledge. Many students love the concept of guest lectures as it is an interesting way of learning and interacting with new people at the same time. Such events and lectures help in enhancing the communication skills and many other skills of the students. The colleges invite guest lecturers within the college premises to deliver lectures to the students. These teachers, professors, or lecturers are not the permanent faculty in the organization. Such lectures are arranged once or twice a week only, in order to balance the college timings for the students.

For example- The students pursuing BA in English or English Honors will study all the major subjects by the permanent teachers or lecturers of the college. However, a few subjects(major or minor) subjects will be taught by the guest lecturer that the college will invite. Sometimes, these lectures can also be conducted by non-teaching individuals, on different topics not directly related to students’ curriculum or syllabus. The topics of such lectures can be topics like -how to grab better job opportunities or how to improve communication skills, etc.

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