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Group discussion topics for students

Group discussion topics for students

A group discussion popularly known as GD is a type of discussion where people share ideas or activities that are connected by a basic single idea. It is a discussion where different ideas class and can help each other grow if they have a proper mindset for it. Group discussions are conducted for assessing people’s response time and attitude within a workplace. 

Several qualities of a student can be assessed with the help of group discussions. These include leadership skills, communication skills, listening skills, politeness, teamwork, listening ability, awareness, social skills and behaviour, problem solving skills, confidence, etc. 

Group discussions in the corporate world are focused on checking the employability of a person and hence will be very targeted within the space of the corporate world. However, for school and college students, the topics can be diverse. 

Here are a few group discussion topics for students:

  • Fast food culture
  • Importance of recycling
  • Impact of 5G on the economy
  • Noise pollution
  • How to combat competitive exams and the fear related to it
  • Outcomes of war
  • How to make the internet a safer space
  • Water influences really influencing
  • How the different covid waves have impacted people
  • Should vaccines be made mandatory
  • Benefits of a cashless society
  • Studying at night versus studying during the day
  • Role of media in society
  • How to combat the climate crisis
  • What are the challenges and remedies for urbanization
  • The challenges faced by solar energy today
  • Will the metaverse be beneficial for us in the long run
  • Should college education be free

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