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Government Teacher

A government teacher is an individual who works with the government to provide education to the students who enroll in the schools that are governed directly by the government authorities.

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To become a government teacher one needs to be qualified and eligible, the government sets different eligibility criteria for different government teacher posts. Some of the best posts and vacancies for government teachers are-


A PRT is an abbreviation of a primary school teacher who teaches students from the first to fourth classes. The concept is widely popular in India, and other countries also follow similar patterns. In other countries, a PRT can teach up to the 5th standard. Both the government and private schools in India employ a PRT for their primary schools. 

A PRT is a trained teaching professional who deals with young students and has undergone the required qualification to become a qualified teacher. They play their part in shaping the minds of young children who are the future leaders of the country. 


The full form of TGT is a Trained Graduate Teacher. This term is used to recognize teachers who have graduated and completed their education meaning and passed with a minimum required percentage of 50. TGT is not a course but a status that can be acquired only after a person acquires a Bachelor’s degree in Education in a relevant field with good scores. 

For a candidate to qualify as a teacher and get hired as one in any department of education, they must gain TGT certification (minimum education to become eligible) with a good score. It is a prerequisite for becoming a teacher. If they don’t, they are not considered eligible for the job, as the primary reason for this test is to maintain and uplift the quality of education provision in the country. Teacher education is extremely important to ensure that the teachers are qualified and efficient.

There are many other government teacher exams and posts one can look for, all the best!

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