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Global Teacher Award

Global Teacher Award

The Global teacher award is one of the most reputed teacher awards. The Global teacher award is an annual award by the Varkey Foundation to the teachers stress management who have made an exceptional contribution in the world of education.

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The nominations of candidates who qualify the criteria are open to the world wide nominations and the teachers can also nominate themselves. The judge for this award is the Global Teacher Award Academy and the final decision lies in their hands. The jury is build with the association of many people like head teachers, education experts, commentators, journalists, public officials, tech entrepreneurs, company directors, and scientists from around the world, etc. This is a very valuable award and the winner of the award is someone very responsible and expert in their subject. These individuals are awarded for something wonderful that they have done in their field. Brain Rondinelli was awarded the first annual Global Teacher Prize in March 2015.


1- When were the Global Teacher Awards started?

Answer- The first Global Teacher Award was given in the year 2015.

2- Who won the Global Teacher Award in 2020?

Answer- Keishia Thorpe is the winner of Global Teacher Award 2021.

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