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GK Book

A GK book, short for general knowledge book, is a brief compilation of essential facts and trivia which is an integral part of every student’s syllabus from grades 1 through 10. Usually printed as concise collections of colorful pages filled with vibrant imagery, they provide the students with fundamental factual information in many creative forms. Presenting the information in such a format will give the students a visual representation of what they learn, aiding in integrating that information into long-term memory.

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A GK book is an extremely useful tool when it comes to incorporating basic information required to survive in today’s society.  

The importance of a GK Book does not end with K-12 education. In addition to supplementing the skill sets of young minds, the real need for such books is brought to light in terms of national-level competitive exams which are attempted by thousands, if not tens of thousands, of aspiring students every year. The purpose of a GK book is to squeeze in as much general information as possible into one concise format. It can be useful only if it is updated regularly, preferably every year.

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