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Girl Child Education

Girl child education refers to the aspect of education that aims at developing the skill and knowledge of girls and women from all castes, races, and backgrounds. This includes education at schools, colleges, health education, professional, technical, and vocational education, etc. Today, girl child education is in extremely high demand, here are a few reasons why –

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  • Educating the girl child will help empower them to come forward and contribute towards the development and prosperity of the country
  • Educating the girl child helps in creating a good life. She will have the ability to read and learn about her own rights and as a result, will not be trodded on because of lack of awareness. There will be a general improvement in her life.
  • Educated girls can bring an awareness of the importance of hygiene and health. They can lead a healthy lifestyle because they are aware and educated about it. Educated women are even shown to cater to their children’s needs better.
  • Educated women are looked upon with dignity and honor and have a certain societal value than uneducated women. They can become a source of inspiration for young girls who make them their role models.
  • Educated girls can prove to be quite successful in their respective professions. When the girl child has the opportunity to be educated, it gives her a chance to be a successful doctor, engineer, scientist, or whatever choice of the profession she wants.

Girl child education is not that can be taken for granted and this has made many NGOs in India develop an interest in educating the girl child. Society has witnessed changes in the status of women and it is high time there is a greater emphasis on girl child education. It should be the aspiration of most parents to fulfill it without gender bias.

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