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General Science Questions

Science teachers should create interest in the students for the science subjects. This can be done by asking them general science questions regularly. As we all know studying is only possible when someone tries to learn, no one can force a student to study and score good marks. In the world of education, there are many different ways to teach and reinforce what is learned. When teachers include asking general science questions in the teaching process, students will be able to learn some new theories and facts daily. 

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In the old days, students had to memorize dates, formulas, and numbers. But this teaching method can be quite boring! When a teacher is asking general science questions from students, they should make sure that they are not complex for students to answer. Students can create interest in science when the questions asked are understandable and interesting. All students should know general facts and theories of science. To improve their general knowledge of science, teachers can prepare interesting science questions that students would like to know. Students should regularly read science books to improve their knowledge about the subject. Teachers should give some time to the students to think about what could be the possible answer, then if no one can answer it, explain the answer properly. Students will be curious to know the answer, when they will know the answer, they will remember it for a long time. There is a need to develop practical knowledge of science subjects, all students should know the answer to basic science questions. 

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