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General Education

General Education

It is one of the fundamental parts of all academic programs, students inherit various skills. The things taught in general education are communication skills, analysis, mathematical reasoning, synthesis, and many more. General education provides students with skills that are transferable which prepares them to obtain knowledge and increase their perspectives. They can adapt to the changes in society in a better way, there are various goals in this type of education. The goals are that students should communicate nicely in writing.

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Students should be able to demonstrate fluency in planning, editing, revising, and drafting. They should know a variety of ways to organize and produce content in a written mode for people, PYP students should also be able to apply ethical reasoning. Students should be able to develop oral communication skills, they should be able to demonstrate the parts of efficient oral communication. The third one is students should be able to develop their mathematical reasoning skills in finding the solutions to the problems, they should develop logic and apply mathematical reasoning to solve word problems and numerical. The fourth is also to analyze the information and develop creative thinking skills. Students should develop thinking motivation skills, they need to analyze and implement solutions that involve the usage of the computer. In general education, students learn about scientific applications to solve questions and analyze the result. The last goal is to make students understand history and culture, they should show an understanding of politics, values, and history.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology