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Gen Z

Gen Z is the new generation, succeeding Millennials, and preceding Gen Alpha. Individuals born between 1997 and 2010 are referred to as Generation Z. When it comes to the newer generation, they are different than millennials in every walk of life. The shifts in behavior, attitude, and communication widely differ, and the same culture continues in the classroom. This necessitates the institutes to customize the courses and classrooms to meet the learning needs of this generation. It applies to individual educators as well. Instructors should change the way of teaching so that they connect with Gen Z students.  

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Teaching Generation Z requires the faculty members to make changes in the way they teach, and minor tweaks in the teaching methodology, powered by digital technologies, will be ideal. 

The first step is to include smart devices in the adaptive learning methodology. Smartphones are considered distracting devices, which forced Millennials to keep them at bay. However, Gen Z students are doing most of their work using their personal devices; from submitting assignments to attending the classes, everything is done online. 

For this generation, technology is a nitty-gritty in active learning, and it is hard to zone out the usage of personal devices while learning. Personalized learning methodology will help students to learn well. It is not about crafting a special course for every single student in the class. 

You can use one of the efficient strategies used by several schools across the country – Formative Assessment. This strategy is beneficial in online classroom sessions, as the staff members will get instant feedback to mold their teaching way to meet the students’ requirements. With the advent of new applications like Zoom, educators can discuss and share screens to precisely elucidate the concepts. Virtual assignments can be more powerful than the traditional method. 

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