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GATE Books

GATE Books
Before getting straight into GATE preparation and best books to prepare for the same, let us understand the exam more in detail. GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. The purpose of this exam is to assess the understanding and knowledge of the students in various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science.

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The Indian Institute of Science and seven Indian institutes of technology jointly conduct the GATE exam every year. The exam is conducted on the behalf of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of education, and National Coordination Board. By cracking the GATE exam, students can get admission to the various master courses in science and jobs in the public sector companies. Let us now discuss some preparation tips that students can follow to crack the GATE exam with high scores and ranks. The first tip is to check the syllabus properly. Refer to the standard syllabus released on the official exam sites only. Secondly, as there is a vast syllabus to cover, start your preparation as early as possible. This will help you to make out enough time for effective revisions. Thirdly, solve previous year’s question papers given in the GATE books, and mock tests. Using some effective GATE books for quality IGNOU exam preparation is a great idea. Some of the popularly used GATE books by education importance in students‘ life are Aptitude and Reasoning by Hemant Jain, GATE general aptitude and engineering, mathematics by Trishna. 

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