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Gaokao is the nationwide entrance exam that all students must take if they want to pursue education in China or if they want to get into their favorite university/ college. Passing it can be a nerve-wracking process as it is one of the most difficult tests. All students who want to pursue higher education must take this standardized test, which is administered by the federal government. The exam has drawn a lot of criticism because it is thought to be an example of rote learning and develops students who lack critical thinking abilities. 

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The Gaokao was initially founded in 1952 during the Chinese Civil War, but it was put on hold from 1966 to 1976. Since 1977, when the Gaokao was revived, it has always been an annual event. The exam was introduced to maintain uniformity in the educational standards in the nation. Four three-hour papers make up the gaokao: one each in Chinese, English, maths tips, and either one of the sciences or humanities. The exam entails multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, essays, etc. Essays are considered the hardest of all.

This exam is what determines the future of Chinese students. Until and unless students don’t pass this examination, they will not be able to study in the college/ university of their choice. Individuals are allowed to take this exam as many times as they want. Many people have tried for years to pass the examination and further their education. Therefore, this exam is a milestone in the lives of Chinese students. 

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