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Financial Hold

Financial hold represents the overdue balance in the account of the student. It is a restriction imposed by the educational institution when a student fails to pay the fee in full. This includes unpaid tuition fees, fines for parking or unreturned books, outstanding student loan, uncompleted counseling sessions, etc. The student also needs to pay any other charges incurred by the school or college in the process of collecting the debt.

Example: This restriction or financial hold prevents the students from registering or enrolling for the classes or receiving a diploma. This hinders the education of the student.

To lift this financial hold, the students need to pay the outstanding charges in full. When you remit the due payment, the hold will be released automatically. It may be released overnight, following the receipt of payment. Sometimes, the college or the educational institutions turn a blind eye towards this if the students present a valid reason for the delay in payment.

Also, upon request, the student representative can remove the hold manually. It may take a few business hours after the student makes the payment. The student can pay either online or to the cashier, whatever the college accepts or the student is comfortable with.

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