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Feeder School

Feeder school is a school after which most of the students go to a higher level of a specific educational institution.

In feeder school, students go for the same course which they have opted in their primary school.

The design of a feeder school is like it teaches all students a particular subject irrespective of the child’s interest. The non-feeder schools keep the interest of the individual student in mind.

These schools do not have a child-focused approach. Feeder school is a corporation.

Students have to choose from the existing subjects. They have to go to the same subject in their higher education. The students are clear about their career and will choose these feeder schools as these schools will guide them to achieve their goals. There are many schools like Sainik schools or army schools in which the students have an aim to join the Indian defense force at a later stage in their life. Similarly, there are many schools that provide specific education to students so that they develop skills in that particular subject and can excel in their higher studies.

The students going to these schools have to be clear about their goals, and their parents should also support them. Moreover, providing an enriched learning experience to students is also crucial. Teachmint can help schools and colleges provide a better learning experience to students through its lms solution. To know more about lms and our offerings like attendance tracker and fee collection software, visit our website.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology