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Father of Taxonomy

Father of Taxonomy 

All the students must have heard of the Father of taxonomy Carolus Linnaeus. The father of taxonomy named different species of plants and animals in the world. Taxonomy is a part of biology that classifies all organisms into different categories. It was developed by the father of taxonomy Carolus Linnaeus, who lived in the 18th century, and its classification system is still in use today. Linnaeus invented binomial nomenclature, a system for naming species and genera for each type of organism. He also developed a  system of taxonomy also known as the classification, which today has eight ranks from domain to domain like class, rank, family, genus, species, and more. For example, we can say that all humans are a taxon at the species level because they are all the same species, but we can also say that humans are like all primates. Both species and orders are examples of taxonomic ranks, which are relative levels of grouping organisms in a taxonomy. Taxonomy is a science concerned with naming, describing, and classifying all living organisms, including plants. The classification is based on behavioral, genetic, and biochemical variations. Organisms are classified into similar categories, that is, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. For example, different varieties of mango belong to the same species. There are millions of species in nature and therefore it is difficult to identify and classify these species without a proper procedure. The Linnaeus taxonomy with some modifications is used worldwide to classify living organisms.


1- Who is the father of taxonomy?

Answer- The father of taxonomy is Carolus Linnaeus.

2- What is the contribution of Carolus Linnaeus?

Answer- Carolus Linnaeus named different species of plants and animals in the world.

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