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Father of political science

Aristotle who is a Greek philosopher is the father of political science. The definition of the term political science was given by the father of political science. The Father of political science believed that political science is a great and powerful branch of science

Meaning of political science 

Political science is a subject that has various parts, it measures the success of different policies and governance. Students get a lot of knowledge about the world with the help of political science. Political science gives information about how individuals use their powers as leaders. It is important to learn how to be a good leader, the advantages of democracy, laws, governance, and more. Students who take political science as their main subject in class 12th have a great scope. They will study the five main disciplines of political science when they select it as their main subject. The five disciplines studied are international relations, public law, administration of public, political theory, and comparative politics. Students study a lot about how power works in the world like its distribution and allocation. Teachers also teach them how power is transferred from one person to another. The scope of political science has increased a lot, it is no more a subject for weak students. 

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