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Father of English

Father of English 
All students should know who the father of English is. Geoffrey Chaucer contributed significantly to the development of the English language and is the father of English language. The father of English was born in London and was a writer, poet, and diplomat. There are many reasons to learn English as English is the most commonly learned language in any subject. This is especially true if students are international students wishing to study abroad. Because English plays an important role in starting the studies and advancing the career after graduation. As an international student, there are many reasons to invest in an English course. Most courses teach the most important areas of English: reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and will build confidence in using English in everyday life, at work, or while studying in the future. Given the popularity of the language, if you work for a multinational company and want to teach communication skills to communicate with experts or other experts in their field. Most of the websites are written in English to help you expand your knowledge while doing your studies and research for later life. So demonstrating this impressive skill will help you stand out among employers and improve your resume. When students work in big companies, they will only be allowed to communicate in English. If students have weak English and want to improve their skills then students can take online courses available.

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