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External is a term that is used quite often in schools and colleges, especially around the time of board exams. It is a term used to refer to an external examiner. The external examiner is a teacher who is not a part of the faculty of that particular school but is rather from another school who is tasked with the responsibility of evaluating students who are appearing for an exam. The external can essentially be anyone who is not from the school the student is studying in, and at the same time be tasked with the role of an examiner. 

The external can be of two types. The first kind is the one who appears as the examiner for practical exams. Their task is to evaluate students on the basis of the practical knowledge of a particular subject which includes the results that the student obtained after doing their experiment as well as their knowledge of the subject in the viva session. The second type of external is the examiner who has been bestowed the task of invigilating an exam being conducted in school or college. 

The reason behind having such an examiner is to ensure impartiality in judgment and make sure that the marking system is truly unbiased.

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