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Experiential Learning

Experiential learning can be explained as the procedure of learning by experience. This can also be explained as learning by reflecting on doing. This type of learning is different from didactic or rote learning. This learning can be done in the form of hands-on learning, active learning like adventure learning, service learning, action learning, situated learning, free-choice learning, and cooperative learning. 

The synonym often used for experiential learning is experiential education. But experiential education is a wide philosophy of education, whereas individual learning procedure is said to be experiential. 

The said type of learning focuses on concrete topics that are related to the learning context and the learner itself. Experiential education is an old concept. Quoting Aristotle, “… for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them “. This learning guides a learner who has a desire to engross the knowledge. 

The said kind of learning can take place without a teacher. This learning solely depends upon the direct experience of an individual. The experiences in experiential learning can be personal and environmental. 

This learning can be done if a person is a self-initiator and has a learning intention. Schools and colleges also support and promote this type of learning. To support this type of learning, schools and colleges can use a learning management system. In addition, software like institute erp can also change the teaching-learning experience in educational organizations.

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