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Exam Questions

Exam questions are the questions asked in the exam which have a specific pattern, the goal of exam questions is to check the knowledge of students. Teachers should include a variety of questions in the exam paper to test the knowledge of students. After getting results, students can know their strong and weak points, they can improve the concepts and perform better next time. Teachers can also know the weak points of students and can repeat those topics in the class for better understanding. There are many tricky questions asked in the exam that students fail to understand, students should read every question carefully in the exam. Students can practice previous year’s question papers to get a better understanding of which type of questions are asked in the exams. Students should take care that they answer the questions according to the marks, sometimes students write fewer answers for a question whose marks are more. The answers to the questions should be accurate there is no need to write extra things which are not related to the question asked. Keep in mind the points told by the teacher that how students need to answer every question and what all things are required to be mentioned in the answer. For better presentation, students should make diagrams, draw flowcharts, underline main points, sketch a line after every question, draw margins, and present answers which are to the point. Prepare properly before every exam, make a schedule and follow it to achieve maximum marks in the exam. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology