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Etc Full Form

Etc Full Form 

Etc Full Form is Et Cetera. Et Cetera, abbreviated to, etc., etc, et cet., ect, &c. or &c is a Latin expression that is used in English to describe the phrase “and so forth” or “and other similar things”. Translated directly from Latin, et means ‘and’, while cētera means ‘the rest’. Hence, the expression translates to ‘and the rest or ‘of such things’. There are different ways to say this word, increasingly being referred to by its one-word spelling “etcetera” which appears in some dictionaries. The abbreviated form &c. or &c do occasionally come up in use, but not often. In fact, the ampersand character, &, is derived from a ligature of et.

The phrase et cetera is often used for denoting the logical continuation of a certain sort of series of descriptions. For example, let us take a look at the following expression ‘We will need a lot of bread: wheat, granary, wholemeal, etc. on our menu.’

In this case of use at the end of a list without a conjunction, a comma is generally written in front of the phrase. If etc. is used at the end of a sentence, two consecutive dots are not used. If it occurs at the end of exclamation marks, questions, or a clause, the dot is not suppressed but is followed by whatever punctuation marks are required for the end of that sentence or to continue the sentence.

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