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Essay on Christmas

Essay on Christmas

An essay on Christmas is generally written during Christmas, either for competitions, as an assignment, or simply for the sake of writing. 

Christmas is celebrated as the day Jesus Christ, the main God figure in the religion of the world’s most-followed religion, Christianity. It is celebrated in all countries where Christians reside and are considered an international holiday. Because of this, it is celebrated as a day of joy and togetherness across religions. 

The Christmas season starts with the Thanksgiving holiday in Christian countries when people thank Jesus Christ for blessing them with what they have and also show gratitude towards all the good things and people they have around them. On Christmas day, people wish each other Merry Christmas and pray that God takes away all the negativity and darkness from their life. 

Christmas is also seen as a day of exchanging gifts. The story behind it is the 3 wise men (the Magi) gave three gifts to infant Jesus. This has come to become a tradition across the world, and it is now a day when kids and adults alike exchange gifts with one another. 

Another important part of Christmas is the Christmas tree. Families usually get a Christmas tree inside the house and decorate it for the occasion with lights, colored balls, and hanging ornamental stars. It is under the Christmas tree that the gifts are placed for everyone. 

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