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Erudition can be defined as the state of having an ample amount of knowledge that only a few people know. Erudition can be seen in a person, book, or anything that has a lot of knowledge. 

The term can also be explained as the breadth, polish, and depth that education grants. It is derived from the Latin word erudite which means cultivated and enlightened. Enlightenment can only come from understanding, learning types is just not enough.

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The other Latin word which is related to the same is Educare which means to train or to bring out. The person who is educated has logical and critical high order thinking skills and is said to be an erudite person. 

In other words, erudition in a person can be explained when reading and instruction are further followed by contemplation and digestion which have removed all the rudeness. The word has a separate meaning but is then blurred with the word blurred. 

In literature, it includes the insights and knowledge of numerous fields. 

There are many poets, writers, essayists, etc. who are erudite. 

The use of the word can be seen in many sentences like:

The books are known for their erudition.

Dictionary is the model of erudition.

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