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The full form of ERNET is Education and Research NETwork. It is a scientific society that is autonomous. It comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. The headquarters of ERNET is based out of New Delhi. 

It has contributed to the arrival of networking in the country. In India, ERNET established the internet. It increased the capabilities of our country in the area of networking by introducing the internet.

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Education and Research NETwork facilitates the intellectual segment of society. Also became a trendsetter in the networking field. It was started by the Department of Electronics in the year 1986. The largest satellite and terrestrial network of the country are the Education and Research NETwork.

Education and Research NETwork focuses on providing connectivity, meeting the needs of research and educational institutions. And it is by providing apt information to the users.

The essential parts of Education and Research NETwork activities are training, research, and development. We know that technology in education is changing the face of education and this network helps with the same. The ERNET activities revolve around various technologies like –

  • Research and academic work of the nation.
  • R & D in the field of data communication and its application.
  • HR development in the field of networking.
  • Educational content.
  • Different organizations support ERNET. They allow the use of various services at varied geographical locations.

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