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Entry-Exit Tickets

Entry-exit tickets are tools that teachers use to get an understanding of the student on a given topic. Teachers can use a small size paper or can make use of technology by making an online survey form to do this exercise. 

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The entry ticket helps to get the attention of the student about the topic which the teachers will teach today. The entry tickets are also used to recall the knowledge imparted earlier. 

The question can be what have you learned or what do you understand about the topic taught today.

The exit tickets are to collect feedback from the students. The students need to give feedback at the end of the class.

The exit tickets give an opportunity to think about the topic they have learned. The exit tickets help students to combine and analyze all the information given in the classroom. 

There are different advantages of entry-exit tickets. 

With the use of entry-exit tickets, the teachers can ensure participation from all the students in the classroom. 

As the students write the crux of their learning in the entry-exit tickets, it helps them to focus on key points. 

entry exit tickets are helpful for teachers as well whether the students are getting or not what they are teaching. 

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