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The meaning of the word enrollment is taking admission or initiating for attendance in school or office.

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If a student wants to take admission in any school or college for any course, there is an enrollment process. The student has to fill-up the form and then submit it to the college or school. 

Earlier there was a physical process for enrolling. Now, with the advancement of technology, various instruments are used to complete the process. Students can enroll in colleges using various digital tools available.

Many e-learning platforms provide quality education to the students. The students seeking to take that course have to enroll in the program and then he can attend the classes. 

For enrolling in any course, a certain amount of fee is being charged. The students have to pay this enrollment fee every year. It depends on the institution or learning platform whether they want to take the enrollment fees all at once or every year separately. 

In offices, biometrics is used to track employees in and out of time. All the employees have to submit the details in the biometrics. This is called enrollment. The employees will then get user credentials for authentication which they can use for their attendance. 

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