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Enlightenment means the full understanding of the situation. It means attaining all the necessary knowledge or information. The word is mostly used in the religious context. So, in that sense, it can be said that it is gaining spiritual knowledge. 

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In Asia, the related terms for the same are:

  • Moksha
  • Kevala jnana
  • Ushta

The meaning of the word is wisdom or knowledge, or awakened intellect in Buddhism. 

There are different means to reach the level of enlightenment. An important way of reaching a level of awareness and insight is yoga. The word yoga means the discipline of a mental, physical, and spiritual state. Students are often asked to practice the same so that they can improve concentration and attention. It is a state and will help students to be disciplined and keep them from

According to the western world concept, the word also has a romantic meaning. The synonyms for the word Enlightenment are true self and self-realization. They also see Enlightenment as non-dual consciousness. 

Various advancements were done during this period in science and philosophy.

Young people seek it from the older generation who have more knowledge and wisdom. It is said that education leads to a sense of understanding and moksha.

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