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English Letter Writing

English letter writing refers to writing formal or informal letters for the purpose of communication. Lettering writing is an archaic form of communication that is increasingly being used less and less because of the technological innovations taking place in today’s world. English letter writing includes both formal letter writing as well as informal letter writing. 

There is a particular format for writing both informal as well as formal letters. A formal letter is one that is used in official contexts and relays only information that is absolutely essential. Formal English letter writing is the main reason why people still use the postal system in several parts of the world. However, in the case of informal letters, the language is much laxer and not much importance is given to the language used in addressing different things. Informal letter writing is going out of fashion because of the increasing use of online applications for teachers and email. 

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In the case of an informal letter, the format is quite strict. First comes the receiver’s address, then the date of writing the letter, and after that comes the sender’s address. Following the sender’s address comes the subject, after which comes salutations. The letter will be divided into 3 main paragraphs – the introduction, body, and conclusion, followed by the sender’s signature. In the case of an informal letter, the informal letter format is much less detailed. There is no receiver’s address involved, there is no need for a subject, and there is no strict division required in the case of an informal letter. 

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