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Email Writing Format

Email writing is essential in the professional world as it is an effective way to communicate with colleagues and management. Therefore, schools should teach the email writing format to students so they do not need to struggle while drafting an email. Moreover, students should learn how to write a good email with a clear message. Emails can be casual or formal and depend on the purpose you are writing for. 

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Here are a few tips that you should remember when drafting an email. 

  • Always type in the right email address and confirm the email address with the person you are writing to. Entering the wrong email address will make your email bounce back.
  • The next important thing in an email writing format is the subject line. Write a catchy and specific subject to attract the attention of the receiver. The subject line motivates the receiver to open the email. Give attention to the subject line and spend more time on it. 
  • Always greet the receiver with a proper salutation. It will build rapport.
  • Draft a clear body for the email as it tells the purpose of your email. Do not use long unwinding sentences; instead, use clear language in education and write short sentences. 
  • Sign off the email politely.

Email Writing Format Sample

  • Email asking for the details of a course

To: “add recipient’s email address here”

Subject: Regarding Course Details

Hi Mam/ Sir,
I looked at your course details on the internet and wanted to enroll myself for the same. But I have a few questions regarding the course fee. I would like to know if you could share the brochure and other details with me. 

Awaiting your reply.

Thanks and Regards, 

Your Name

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