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ELL Students

ELL stands for English Language Learner. Students who have non-English background and English is not spoken in their homes are said to be ELL students.

Many ELL students have developed a basic understanding of the English Language but in an academic language, they struggle a bit.

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There is difficulty in understanding the English Language for these students. To solve the problem, the institution should modify the medium of communication for the students. The institution should change it for all the students pursuing any academic course. A lot of activities in classroom can be included to increase the understanding of these students and to help them.

The number of ELL students is increasing rapidly. The previous data shows that by 2025, the number of ELL students will increase by 25% in the United States. Not all ELLs are the same as English-speaking students. ELLs are still learning the English language. And they find some difficulties in speaking with the English-speaking students. 

The English-speaking students usually help the other students to get familiar with the English language. These students already know their native language and are learning a new language which is quite challenging. If a little help and guidance are given to these students they can learn the English language at a much faster pace. ELL students should continuously check their progress by taking tests regularly. They should correct their learning style if they find any flaws. 

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