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Elicitation is a teaching approach where students are encouraged to actively participate in the learning process. The elicitation technique is primarily used by ESL teachers to improve the language proficiency of their students. Teachers place a strong emphasis on the value of student engagement in the learning process in addition to lectures. Students are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions. In this manner, the teacher listens to the pupils and gathers information rather than simply imparting knowledge to them.

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As the elicitation method ensures the active participation of students in the learning process, it becomes easier for the teacher to strategize their pedagogical methodologies that match the requirements of students. Teachers will be able to gauge the performance and linguistic skills of their students as they express their ideas. As a result, they can effectively help them to improve their performance by strategizing their teaching approaches in a better way. Teachers can ask them questions so that they can express their thoughts on that topic. In this way, teachers can act as facilitators of learning and improve the outcome of learning. 

Since students are actively involved in the learning process, it can help them to boost their confidence. Moreover, they will get to learn what are the mistakes they are making from their teachers and can rectify their mistakes. By using the elicitation technique, teachers can also expand their vocabulary teaching guide by introducing new words to their students. With the help of all these methodologies, they will be able to improve their proficiency meaning in the language they are trying to learn. Since it ensures the students’ active participation, there is no question that it is a successful strategy.

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