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Elementary School

Elementary School 
Elementary School is defined as the period of formal educational video after preschool but before high school. Students learn basic skills in areas like reading, writing, Maths, and Science. It is the first four to eight years of a student’s formal education, often including kindergarten. Primary and elementary schools are considered the same many times.

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The elementary curriculum varies from state to state, but generally includes math, science, languages, social studies, computer skills/engineering, and physical/health education. Lower secondary education begins in  9th grade, around the age of 14, and continues through 12th grade. The main difference between elementary school and middle school is that some subjects are added and removed, also the level of education is enhanced. Elementary school in India is generally from class one to six. In middle school, the classes included are 6th, 7th, and 8th years. The first year of primary education is often referred to as kindergarten and begins around age 5 or 6. Elementary school usually continues until sixth grade, which students learn during group discussion in classroom usually complete when they are 11 or 12 years old. Primary school, which prepares students for basic skills and knowledge. These classes are very important for every student to develop as independent learners. It is to maximize the intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, and moral progress of children. Teachers should teach the students by using creative methods, the complex topics should be taught most easily. The role of teachers is great in these years as they develop an interest in the subject based on the teacher. If teachers teach very nicely they will certainly create interest in that subject.

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