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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is one form of engineering that focuses on the practical application of all forms of electricity. It deals with the uses of electromagnetic spectrum and the application of electronic devices like semiconductors, transistors, and integrated circuits. This engineering branch emerged as a separate discipline in 1864 when James Clerk Maxwell summarized the laws of electricity in a mathematical equation. He also showed that the radiation of electromagnetic energy travels through space at the speed of light. 

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Functions of electrical and electronic engineers 

  • Basic research in physics, other streams of science, and applied mathematics
  • Paving out ways to discover new applications and principles of operation of electrical engineering
  • Development of new electronic products and devices
  • Design of devices, equipment, and systems for manufacture
  • Field-testing of equipment and system

Admission process

Students willing to take admission to electrical engineering must have taken science stream in class 12th. In addition, they must have scored an aggregate of 75% marks in the board examination. Students need to fill the application form of JEE Mains to get admission to their desired engineering stream. JEE Mains exam is given to take admission in some of the prestigious institutes like National Institute of Technology and Centrally Funded Technical Institutions. On the other hand, JEE Advanced is for admission in the Indian Institute of Technology. After passing the JEE exam syllabus Mains or Advanced, students need to appear in the counseling sessions. After document verification and other formalities, some students scholarships are given during admission in electrical engineering in their favorite institutes. 

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