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EL Education/ Expeditionary Learning

What is the full form of EL Education?
The full form of EL Education is Expeditionary Learning.

What is EL Education Meaning or What is Expeditionary Learning?
EL Education or commonly known as Expeditionary Learning is a reformed way of learning wherein the students learn doing things themselves and not simply mugging up whatever the teachers explain or teach them. Expeditionary Learning majorly focuses on the overall development of a child including character development, better interpersonal or intrapersonal relationship management. The teachers under the Expeditionary Learning mostly design the curriculum focusing on the development of skills like problem-solving and mindfulness within the students.

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The curriculum strengthens the personality of an individual keeping in mind their academic growth. The EL Education can be called a product of the collaboration between the Outward Bond and Harvard School of Education. Expeditionary Learning has now completed almost 25 years, partnering with almost all the schools across the US, EL Education has created a curriculum including the character-based approach of Outward Bound with focusing on teamwork, courage as well as learning in and out of education and a class.
Expeditionary Learning provides benefits to all the groups of an institution, be it the students, the teachers, or the schools. The Expeditionary Learning benefits the students directly as it helps the students enjoy the learning process, experience overall growth, come out of schools with complete knowledge of dealing with the projects single-handedly.
The teachers are benefitted as they observe the betterment and growth of their students themselves through their improved curriculum and teaching methodologies has proved to provide better satisfaction to the teachers as it gives happier student results.
The Expeditionary Learning provides an engaging curriculum and a continuously growing work environment to the teachers as well as the students.
Expeditionary Learning has totally changed the way education is perceived now. Expeditionary Learning has made the students and the teachers enjoy the learning-teaching process. The positive school culture that EL Education provides to the people associated with is the best reason why it is everyone’s favorite.

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