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An educationist is a person who is a specialist in the theory of education. Educationists are well versed with all the theories of education. Educationists promote and advocate education theory. 

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The other words for educationist are instructor, preceptor, teacher, educator, pedagogue, and schoolteacher. 

The educationist works in an educational system. Educationists can play different roles and have different responsibilities. They try to facilitate curriculum development, learning, research, teaching, diagnostic assessment, and policy among others. 

The educationist can teach in any educational institution, also work in the administration department, can do research on issues related to education, and can policies at the international or national level.

They can teach at different levels starting from the pre-school, nursery, primary school, secondary school, tertiary and higher education too. Many educationists are working as librarians, social psychologists, etc. 

The school educationists should work with the school curriculum and impart their knowledge on different topics. Anybody can become an educationist. You just have to have a clear understanding of the subject which you are teaching and students should understand what you want to explain. Quite often, they help teachers with teaching strategies and teaching methods that they should employ.

Educationists should have the skill to impart the knowledge he has to the students he is teaching.

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