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Educational Services

Educational services can be explained as the training or instructions given on different subjects. Institutions giving these services on different subjects can be training and coaching centers, colleges, schools, and universities. 

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These educational service establishments can be privately operated and owned or it can be owned and operated publicly. The educational services owned privately can work for profit or without any profit. Accreditations are given to ensure that they meet the required quality standards and based on the same can be classified as autonomous universities, deemed universities, and likewise. The aim of such services is to impart quality education and to ensure that the future generation is knowledgeable and smart. The point of education is not just to impart knowledge but also to develop character and ultimately, the holistic development of individuals.

The services are provided by instructors or teachers, who teach, supervise, explain, demonstrate, and provide direct learning. The instructions are given in different ways like in a workplace, educational institution, or home. These teachers have set skills and qualities. The mediums used to impart educational services are electronic or distance learning methods, television, or the internet. The instructors providing such services can use the simulation method or simulators to give training.

Educational services can be of 4 types. They are:

  • Primary services
  • Secondary services
  • Tertiary services
  • Adult Educational services 

These services are classified into 4, based on the traditional structure of the sector. There have been many changes done in these services over the years. The second largest industry is these services and has created more than 13.5 million jobs. 

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