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Education System In India

Education System In India

The education system in India is one of the largest education systems in the world due to the very high population rate in India. The education system in India is divided into four different levels. Let us understand more about these levels in detail.

Level 1- Lower Primary

Level 2- Upper Primary

Level 3- High

Level 4- Higher Secondary

The system is divided into four levels in order to provide the best kind of learning to each child. Since the level of understanding for every child is different and unique, the schools and classes need to design the curriculum and education pattern accordingly. There are a few qualities that an education system should definitely have. Let us understand a few such qualities in detail.

1- The education system should focus more on students’ learning and growth than the marks they obtain.

2- They should surely take care to make the schools and classes comfortable for the students. The students should feel safe and secure within the school premises. Feeling safe mentally, physically, and emotionally is very important.

These are a few things that any education system must definitely take care of while making education policies.

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