Education Gap

The word education gap has two meanings. The first meaning of the education gap is the leap you take in your work experience to complete your education. This education gap is productive. Companies have a province to provide education to their employees. They encourage their employees and support them to get relevant education. Sometimes, the company itself pays for employee education. 

The second meaning of the education gap is when you take off after higher education or graduation. The gap can because of personal reasons. Some people take a gap to improve concentration and focus.

You can use the gap to prepare for some exam or certification courses. Many people use this gap to prepare for college entrance exams like GMAT, GRE, CMAT, CAT, etc. 

If you appear for any company interview, you are liable to explain the gap to the interviewers. Most of the companies are very considerate about the gap, even consider it normal. But many established companies ask for the reason for having this gap. You can explain the reason for this gap. If they find the gap is genuine, and you can work in the company’s environment, then they might ignore the gap. Every gap is not nonproductive. As mentioned, it can be because of personal reasons.

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