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EdD Full Form

EdD Full Form

EdD full form is Doctor of Education. It is a professional degree that has been carefully designed for practitioners who are planning to pursue educational leadership roles. 

An EdD is best suited for educators as well as mid to senior-level working professionals who want to implement change in any organization. EdD candidates work in a wide range of fields including K-12, secondary, senior secondary, etc. as well as nonprofits, healthcare, government, and the military. The advantage of taking an EdD instead of a Ph.D. is that since an EdD student focuses on a problem of practice as the subject and finds a solution to that problem (unlike in the case of a PhD where a researcher reviews the research, sees a gap in the literature and generates new knowledge on the basis of a new theory or hypothesis), they can be employed in any field outside of education. What an EdD student can bring to the table is the transformation of their everyday environment and applying the lessons they have learned through their doctorate to fix a complex, critical issue they are facing in their workplace. 

Those who want to pursue an EdD program need to focus on exploratory research in ways that could potentially positively influence their organization’s or community’s decision-making process. They collect data from different sources, just like in a PhD, but instead of gaps in the literature, conduct individual studies, interviews, or focus groups and then come up with hypotheses where they develop strategies that can potentially help solve or clarify a certain problem of practice. 

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