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Early Alert

Early alert makes students aware and alert regarding their academic performance and take steps to improve it. It is an online tool that the faculties use to identify the students at risk, at a very early stage.

The early alert helps the students to eliminate the barriers. It helps in increasing student retention and promotes a healthy learning environment. Also, the student can be alert from the start and work on the weak points.

The faculty can analyze the points where students are struggling. After analyzing, they provide the necessary resources to bring the students back on track. The sooner the faculty can identify the risk and challenges, the sooner they can work on eliminating them.

The early alert indicates who requires counseling or guidance. And, also has various methods that the counselors or advisors can use to provide proper guidance. It helps to bring the students back on track.

This supports the student’s learning and makes sure that their success is a priority. It makes both faculty and students aware of the decline in performance. This way, the faculty can support the students who face problems, which can put their academic performance at a certain risk. Some students need an extra hand and this will help them navigate through the course.

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology