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Drop a Class

Drop a class means a student does not want to continue with the course in an institution and wants to be removed from a class.

Drop a class means unenrolling from a course because of low grades or lack of interest in the course.

When a student goes for a drop class function, then the student can go for reimbursement. But if a student drops a class after the drop deadline, it is considered a withdrawal. And in this case, the student will not get a refund.

A student can enable this function initially, which is the first one to two weeks of the course. When a student opts to drop a class function with the stipulated time, then the student is given a ‘W’ grade in the transcript. This grade does not affect the GPA of a student. It will show that an attempt was made to attend the course, and the student withdrew the application before the deadline.

There are many reasons to drop out. Maybe the course was not up to that level, the student itself is not prepared for the course, or there is a place in some courses better than the current course. Universities see dropping a class as the student has never enrolled for the course. The teachers can try motivating the students if the reasons that they are dropping out are controllable.

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