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Divergent Thinking

Divergent thinking is a thinking process to enhance creativity and help your mind think outside the box. This thinking process aims to encourage students to reach a solution by applying all their mental power and creativity. The goal is to find numerous solutions to a problem and then decide which answer best fits the question or prompt. Divergent thinking is crucial for students as it helps them improve their problem-solving abilities. Moreover, students also learn about finding different ways of reaching a solution. The good part about this kind of thinking is that teachers can help their students learn it. 

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What happens when teachers help students learn divergent thinking? It has been noted that creative thinking helps our brain learn new concepts easily by creating stronger neural connections. Moreover, it enhances the academic potential of students. Students also become open-minded and more receptive to new ideas and changes because of creative thinking. 

Strategies to encourage divergent thinking

  • Ask open-ended questions

Teachers can help their students broaden their thinking by asking open-ended questions. Moreover, encourage them to focus on the learning process and not on finding the solution to the answer. 

  • Encourage journaling

Ask students to start journaling and show their respect towards their feelings, universe, and other things. Expressing themselves through words will power their mental muscles. Moreover, it encourages self-analysis and helps students think through many solutions to a specific problem. 

  • Free play

Allow students to work on the projects that they pick. It will help them broaden their thinking and come up with new ideas.

  • Brainstorming activities 

If a student scholarship is struggling to find answers to a question, encourage them to think outside the box. Through brainstorming, students can be taught a lot more than in regular learning sessions.

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