Distance Education

Distance education means learning without going to any school or any physically developed institution. Earlier, we used to call it correspondence courses. In this, students communicate with the school via mail. Today, we call distance education online education.

Distance education can be completely an online education or a combination of online and traditional classroom education. There are different modes of online education. There are massive open online courses, which provide interactive participation. The World Wide Web and many other technologies are available to access.

Distance education is also known as online learning, distributed learning, virtual classroom, m -learning, e-learning, etc. It has its own set of advantages. Especially for students who want to juggle multiple things, this type of education is a boon and it is great for adult education as well.

The said type of education has four categories.

Massive open online courses are where an unlimited number of people can participate.

There are small online private courses that allow only a limited number of people and require formal enrollment. Synchronous massive online courses allow an unlimited number of people to participate but want them to attend the classes.

Synchronous private online courses are a course where only limited participation is allowed, and at the same time, they have to be present when the course is being conducted.

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